International Airline Co-op Program

VISIT FLORIDA International Airline Co-op Program

VISIT FLORIDA's Air Team Florida (Airline) Co-op Program supports Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO) and Airports within the state to stimulate the Florida economy by expanding international air service to the state.

The International Airline Co-op Program is intended to execute cooperative marketing programs to drive demand for new service selling seats inbound to Florida, NOT to subsidize seats. Marketing programs could include: Public Relations Events, Business to Business Marketing, familiarization (FAM) Trips, or advertising such as broadcast, digital, print, out of home, direct mail and social media.

Program Eligibility Requirements

Proposals will be accepted by VISIT FLORIDA under this International Airline Co-op Program from a Florida DMO, Florida Airport or Airline. Proposals must include a marketing plan that promotes or markets international inbound Florida flights. The marketing plan must identify the target audience, advertising/media buy, timeline, cost, expected results, and details of the co-op business relationship. Proposals will not be accepted under this program that market outbound flights. To qualify for consideration proposals must adhere to the following:

  • Only new scheduled or chartered * international flights - no renewed, re-positioned** or upgauging*** flights - will be eligible;
  • The international scheduled air service must operate at a minimum of one day/week and must continue operation of the flight for a minimum of 6 consecutive months;
  • The aircraft must have a minimum of 100 seats;
  • New international charter service will be considered on a case-by-case basis, but at minimum the charter must operate once per week for a minimum of 12 weeks.

The proposal submitted to VISIT FLORIDA must include funding sources and contribution dollar amounts. VISIT FLORIDA will match 100% to the DMO or Airport up to $250,000 for the new scheduled service.

The Airline participating in the Co-op Program must provide a dollar for dollar match to VISIT FLORIDA and DMO's and Airport's combined contribution. The Airline match can include in-kind, which may be donated advertising by the Airline; airline tickets or seats for tour operators, media and travel trade familiarization (FAM) trips; events related to the opening flight. Airline in-kind must be documented with a final detailed media plan attesting to the value of the media provided by the Airline to promote the inbound Florida flights and proof of performance (copies of the advertising such as copies of print publications, copies of broadcast spot or script, or screen shots of digital advertising). Donated seats by the Airline must be detailed on Airline letterhead and must include the name, company name of tour operator or FAM attendee and estimated flight cost. Events hosted by the Airline must be documented with copies of the invites and pictures of the event and copies of invoices if out of pocket expenses and proof of payment. All third party media purchased by the Airline must include proof of performance and proof of payment.

All marketing must include the VISIT FLORIDA logo and include as the call to action. Creative elements using the VISIT FLORIDA logo must be reviewed and approved by VISIT FLORIDA prior to media placement.

Proposals may be submitted for consideration prior to the flight announcement, if the proposal contains details considered confidential information then it must be clearly marked confidential. VISIT FLORIDA will review and determine if all guidelines have been met to secure VISIT FLORIDA's commitment to the Co-op Program. VISIT FLORIDA may have additional questions that will need to be asked to clarify the proposal.

VISIT FLORIDA reserves the right to negotiate the terms of the proposal.

Proposal Submission

A completed proposal must be accepted and a contract fully executed with VISIT FLORIDA prior to the start of any marketing related to the inaugural flight. Proposals must be completed by the DMO, Airport or Airline and submitted to Heather Collins, Senior Contracts Manager using the proposal submission form, with additional supporting documentation.

Proposals will be evaluated by VISIT FLORIDA staff and approved by VISIT FLORIDA's CEO. Once approved VISIT FLORIDA will draft an agreement to be executed by all interested parties.

Deadline: Proposals must be received by March 31, 2017 for the International Airline Co-op Program for marketing campaigns starting by July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017. All proposals received after March 31, 2017 should be for marketing campaigns starting after July 1, 2017.

Contractual Requirements

If the proposal is accepted by VISIT FLORIDA the Program participants must sign a letter of agreement with VISIT FLORIDA. The contractual terms shall be defined in a written letter of agreement, which shall be binding when fully executed by all parties. Agreements will be customized through negotiations, and VISIT FLORIDA's basic terms and conditions and business requirements will be embodied the agreement. The parties can decide if they want VISIT FLORIDA to contract and pay the Airline directly upon receiving proof of performance of the Co-op Program and collect contributions from the DMO and/or Airport or if the DMO or Airport contracts with the Airline and VISIT FLORIDA can reimburse the DMO and/or Airport once proof of performance is provided. Please see the Requirements for Reimbursement below:

1. Upon completion of marketing campaign an invoice for VISIT FLORIDA's contribution must be forwarded to Reimbursement requests must include documentation to support the marketing campaign for the Co-op Program.

2. Provide post marketing plan.

3. Provide proof of performance for all advertising outlined in marketing plan which may include: copies print publications, photos of out of home advertising, screen shots of digital advertising, and copies of broadcast ads or scripts for live reads.

4. Provide proof of payment from DMO or Airport to Airline, if applicable.

5. Provide proof of Airline match, which will include all media invoices for total spend and proof of in-kind as outlined above in Eligibility, if applicable.

6. Provide proof of flight operation/scheduled for a minimum of one day per week for a minimum of six consecutive months with a minimum of 100 seats.

*Charter is when a tour operator operates an aircraft for seasonal operation and advertises and sells seats to members of the public, either directly or through a travel agent. The flight must be filed with the U.S. Department of Transportation and the tour operator must supply a charter prospectus. The tour operator must assume a legal responsibility to provide the transportation service and must abide by DOT requirements for the protection of the clients' money.

**Re-positioned within the State of Florida, such as moving a flight from Orlando to Tampa

*** For example, changing from an Airbus 330 to 340, adding more seats

VISIT FLORIDA is under no obligation to reveal how a proposal was assessed or to provide specific feedback information. Further, VISIT FLORIDA is not obligated to reveal specific information about its decision-making process. VISIT FLORIDA is committed to fairness, objectivity and impartiality.

Thank you for your interest in the VISIT FLORIDA International Airline Co-op Program.

2540 W. Executive Center Circle, Suite 200
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Heather Collins, Senior Contracts Manager or 850-205-3821

All proposals must be submitted using the proposal submission form, with additional supporting documentation.