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Information about VISIT FLORIDA's Marketing Goals and Advertising Planning Process

VISIT FLORIDA is a public/private partnership responsible for the marketing of tourism to and within Florida. With the brand promise as the state's official source for travel planning, VISIT FLORIDA leverages integrated marketing domestically and internationally.

VISIT FLORIDA's ultimate goals are to:

  1. Provide leadership to ensure the Florida tourism industry is competitive and sustainabile;
  2. Become the trusted source of travel information that informs and inspires travel to and within Florida;
  3. Protect and grow Florida's share of destination travel through integrated sales & marketing programs that drive visitation to and within Florida;
  4. Leverage VISIT FLORIDA resources through cooperative marketing programs that create and add value for partners within and outside the Florida tourism industry;
  5. Put all VISIT FLORIDA resources to their highest and most productive uses to maximize operating efficiencies and the impact of all organizational efforts.

In working to achieve the above goals, VISIT FLORIDA represents the umbrella brand: the Florida vacation and meeting experience. We do this through "dedicated" advertising and marketing efforts that focus exclusively on our umbrella messaging which aims to create demand for the Florida experience.

However, the larger portion of our annual budget is expended in the form of cooperative marketing efforts that create opportunities for our Partners who buy-in to programs under the VISIT FLORIDA umbrella branding. Through these traditional co-op programs, VISIT FLORIDA's branding efforts are present, but our Partners' messages are also featured in the co-op programs. In "sanctioned" co-op programs, selected media outlets offer discounted rates to VISIT FLORIDA Partners in the absence of a direct buy-in from VISIT FLORIDA. In these cases, it is the access to the Partner base and the meaning of "sanctioned co-op" that creates value for the media partner.

VISIT FLORIDA's fiscal year runs July 1 through June 30, and annual planning for the cooperative programs described above is conducted through a Request for Proposal (RFP) process early in the calendar year. A cooperative advertising menu for industry Partners is published in the spring. Questions about the RFP process should be directed to Kathleen Bouchelle, co-op coordinator at (850) 205-3832 or

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