2009 Inductee

Russ Kimball

Russ Kimball was trained in hotel and restaurant management in New York and at Florida State University, and has become a model for our state’s hospitality efforts and his many accomplishments include induction into the Florida State Dedman School of Hospitality as a hall of fame member.

From his earliest days in management, our inductee has embraced a commitment to help young people achieve career success in hospitality services. Of all of his accomplishments, however, his role in forging international destination RELATIONSHIPS for Florida is his proudest contribution. Going back to his management DAYS in the 70’s, he became an ambassador for Florida, visiting with international delegations and hosting some of the pioneers in travel sales from Europe and around the world.

He is a passionate employer who continually invests in his facility and his staff, enabling them to deliver extraordinary experiences for his hotel’s guests. His team consistently earns a top ten ranking in guest satisfaction and has achieved the #1 ranking for meeting planner satisfaction among all Sheraton hotel properties in north America.