Social Media

Partner Social Media Posts & Facebook Live Requests

Social media is an excellent way to reach and engage with a large audience about your destination. Whether through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram, social media platforms allow you to connect with potential visitors.

As part of the VISIT FLORIDA Partnership, destinations can submit social media posts and Facebook Live requests highlighting their business. Due to COVID-19 travel limitations, FB Live requests are temporarily not available at this time.

Please note: In order to ensure the best engagement with our audience, the post you submit and the social media channel utilized are at the discretion of VISIT FLORIDA staff.

COVID-19 UPDATE; At this time the VISIT FLORIDA social media audiences are not receptive to receiving direct travel messaging. As a result, we will not be posting such messaging to avoid negative sentiment on posts. We request that the post copy be submitted in an inspirational/planning tone. We are not posting messaging encouraging immediate travel, including but not limited to “open for business” messaging, deals, events or promotion. Please see below for an example of “inspirational/planning tone” posts.

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See below for some examples of past posts.

Social Media Post Example #1: This was an inspirational post with no direct call to action that received high engagement. It's a simple post, with a great image.


Social Media Post Example #2: This was another inspirational post with no direct call to action that received high engagement. The post highlighted a Florida destination without any messaging encouraging travel.


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