Partner Submission Resource Guide

We’re excited to showcase your business and/or destination on VISIT FLORIDA and LoveFL’s social media! By submitting your request through the partner portal, your request will be reviewed by both VISIT FLORIDA and LoveFL for posting consideration throughout the year.


While both social media accounts are dedicated to showing off the amazing experiences, businesses and people around the state, they are not 100% alike. They each have their own goals, personalities and communities they speak to.


While we love showing off every aspect of the Sunshine State, there are key content topics we love to share the most on our channels. Please note, all submissions will be considered for one or both brands to feature.



Create awareness of places that put the consumer in a “vacation state of mind”

Food / Beverage / Agriculture

Create awareness of our farmers, tastemakers, chefs, producers, and the uniquely-florida agriculture seasons


Brighten the lives of all through community building and outreach to assist travelers in their vacation planning journey

Nature / Wildlife / Marine

Highlighting Florida’s unique wildlife and amazing natural wonder


Create content that informs and educates visitors about the variety of destinations in Florida

The Arts / Architecture

Supporting / showcasing our talented Floridians, rich culture hubs, and art communities


Tap into audiences outside of the travel community by leaning into the Florida lifestyl

Unique Stays / In-State Getaways

Unique ways Floridians can explore the state like overnight stays in treehouses, road trip maps, and hidden gem spots


Showcasing the amazing discoveries, research and works that our organizations and experts are contributing to the state and around the world (i.e. rocket launches, scientific discoveries, university research projects)


When submitting your content, please share as much key information as possible! We always take the information provided, mixed with VISIT FLORIDA resources, to craft our captions. Below are a few key pieces of information we find helpful in crafting a post.


Include historical facts.

Share insider knowledge or tips.

Share unique ways to experience your business or spot.

Include any links to resources on your site.

Notate if there is any timelines for the post (i.e. events or holidays).

Avoid any promotional or sales-focused information (i.e. promos, deals, offers).

Share any native Florida connections and/or uniquely Florida angles.


Below are tips on how your imagery or video should look to be considered for posting on VISIT FLORIDA or LoveFL’s social media channels. Please note all submissions should be owned or copyright-free images/videos.


Images/videos should be high-resolution (i.e. no blurriness, graininess, or pixelation).

Keep photos naturally beautiful (i.e. no filters, blurriness, or over-saturation).

Any subjects in the imagery should be welllit (i.e. no shadows on figures).

Share diverse/unique experiences, locations, and landscapes.

Video should feel natural to the social channel as if a follower posted it (i.e. no studio productions, commercials, text overlays on video).

Outdoor views should emphasize blue skies and sunshine (i.e. avoid storm clouds and dark skies).

Always highlight Florida’s natural beauty and landscape with your business/experience (i.e. keep Florida the main focus; when featuring people, make it about the experience and the landscape).

Share point-of-view experiences.

Video and imagery should be 9:16 or 1:1 in ratio.

1:1 Example

9:16 Example