The VISIT FLORIDA research department studies global consumer trends and travel patterns to learn more about Florida’s visitors and their preferences. Every year our Research Department prepares the industry leading Florida Visitor Study, in addition to many other useful studies. This Visitor Study is the premier reference guide for statistics on visitors to the Sunshine State.

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Below are samples of some key statistics on Florida travel from the study.

Note on 2020 Visitor Estimates

Please note that due to the unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact it has had on data used to produce visitor estimates, the numbers provided below are likely to face larger-than-normal revisions as new data become available. Please download the latest visitor estimate packet by clicking the link to the right called "Latest Visitor Estimates" for additional details.

Also note that for Q2 2020, VISIT FLORIDA believes that the number of overseas visitors to the state was actually 20,000-30,000, but the officially published estimate was calculated using the standard methodology per request from the principals of the Revenue Estimating Conference.