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2017-18 Event Expenditures

A detailed report of expenditures following each marketing event paid for with VF funds must be posted within 10 days after the event. Financial statements for the event as of 10 days after will be posted. If additional transactions occur after 10 days, financial statements will be updated and revised statements will be posted quarterly.

India's Aviareps Roadshow 08/09/2017-08/11/2017

Connect Marketplace 08/21/2017-08/23/2017

Governor's Conference 08/28/2017-08/30/2017

La Cita 08/29/2017-08/31/2017

Brand USA India Mission 09/10/2017-09/15/2017

IMEX America 10/10/2017-10/12/2017

Zoomer 10/28/2017-10/29/2017

World Travel Market 11/6/2017‐11/8/2017

World Travel Market Signature Event 11/6/2017

Festuris Gramado 11/9/2017‐11/12/2017

Canada Media Reception 11/01/2017

Aviareps Roadshow 11/20/2017

Brand USA China Consulates Roadshow 12/01/2017

Florida Tourism Leadership Summit 12/11/2017

Florida Encounter 12/12/2017-12/15/2017

Brand USA China Consulates Roadshow 12/13/2017

Florida Huddle 01/09/18-01/11/18

Tourism Day 1/17/2018

MICE Event 01/24/2018

The New York Times Travel Show 01/26/2018-01/28/2018

India VIP Events 01/29/2018-01/30/2018

SATTE (South Asia’s Leading Travel Show) 01/31/2018-02/02/2018

IITA (International Inbound Travel Association) 02/04/2018-02/07/2018

Irish Travel Agent Roadshow 02/19/2018-02/23/2018

North Brazil Sales Mission 02/19/2018-02/23/2018

Outdoor Adventure Show 02/23/2018-02/25/2018

ITB Berlin 03/07/2018-03/11/2018

ITB Florida Night 03/08/2018

Brand USA China Mission 03/23/18

WTM LATIN AMERICA 04/03/2018‐04/05/2018

China Sales Mission 04/26/18

Canadian Roadshow 04/23/2018-04/27/2018

North and South Brazil Roadshows 02/19/2018-02/22/2018 and 05/08/2018-05/10/2018

UK Roadshows March-April 2018

IPW 05/19/2018-05/23/2018

Germany Road Show 06/04/2018-06/07/2018

ARLAG 05/31/2018-06/01/2018

Mexico Sales Mission 05/29/2018-06/01/2018

MPI 06/02/2018-06/05/2018