Tourism Fast Facts

With its progressive and proactive marketing initiatives, VISIT FLORIDA has successfully increased the economic advantages that tourism brings to the Sunshine State.

The tax revenues generated by tourism-related spending represent a primary source of state government funding that helps to build roads, support schools, pay for health care and other vital programs and preserve nature settings.

2014 Fast Facts

  • $82.0 billion - Spending Related to Tourism
  • $21.4 billion - Amount Generated in Payroll (2013)2
  • $4.9 billion - Total State Sales Tax Revenue to Tourism (23 percent of taxes collected)
  • 98.9 million1 - Total Number of Visitors to Florida
  • 1,145,800 - Number of Floridians Employed in Tourism Related Industry Categories
  • $155.90 - Average Amount Spent by Each Domestic Visitor per Day in Florida

Tourism related spending for:

  • $21.1 billion - Lodging
  • $36.3 billion - Restaurants/dining
  • $13.8 billion - Admissions
  • $10.7 billion - Other

1 Preliminary figure, subject to revision.

2 Source: U.S. Travel Association - the Payroll Generated estimate is produced by U.S. Travel using the Trave Economic Impact Model. For more information on estimates regarding the Impact of Travel on Florida's economy, visit the U.S. Travel Association's Travel Effect website.