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Member Biography

Gene Prescott

Title: President

Organization: The Biltmore Hotel

Committee Position: Member

T. Gene Prescott is the sole shareholder of Seaway Hotels Corporation. Prescott grew up in Idaho and graduated from the University of Idaho. He holds a M.S. Degree from Carnegie-Mellon University, is a Certified Public Accountant (Touche-Ross, Cleveland) and was a management consultant in the United States and in Italy for Olivetti. Mr. Prescott has served as an officer and a director at a number of publicly owned companies before striking off on his own by purchasing interests in a variety of business ventures.

Mr. Prescott purchased the Sheraton Sand Key Resort, a 390 room beachfront property in Clearwater, Florida in 1980. He is the sole owner of the Biltmore Hotel, a 271 room destination resort in Coral Gables, Florida. He added the Alexander All Suite Hotel on Miami Beach in 1994 and sold it in 2015. Mr. Prescott also owned the Staten Island Hotel in New York but sold it in 2008. In additional to these prestigious hotel properties, his portfolio holdings include two public refrigerated warehouses in New Jersey and a wholesale travel agency in Chicago.

Mr. Prescott is active in many aspects of the community, including serving on the following boards and committees:

- Florida International University Foundation – Board Member and Past Vice Chairman (2001 – Present)
- Florida International University Foundation Committees – Executive, Finance, Development, and Investment Sub-Committee (2001 – Present)
- Florida International University School of Hospitality – Advisory Board Member (2003 – Present)
- VISIT FLORIDA – Board Member (2010 – Present)
- Miami Dade County, Tourist Development Council – Board Member (2010 – Present)
- Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association – Board of Directors; Finance and Administration Committee; Government Relations Committee; Selected Hotelier of the Year Hall of Fame 2013 (2003 – Present)
- Orange Bowl Committee – Finance Committee; Investment Committee (2001 - Present)
- Greater Miami Conventions and Visitors Bureau – Board Member and Past Chairman (2003 - Present)
- University of Miami – Citizens Board Member (2014 - Present)
- Beacon Council – One Community/One Goal– Chairman Hospitality & Tourism Committee
- Miami Children’s Hospital Board of Directors - Finance Committee
- Miami-Dade Expressway Authority - Former Director and Treasurer
- Eastern National Bank - Former Director
- Bank of Coral Gables - Founding Director