Program Details

VISIT FLORIDA Marketing Planner Opportunity - Printed 03/03/2024

Promotions Opportunities

  • Audiences: Consumers
  • Markets: Domestic, Canada
  • Program Types: Digital, Print, Promotions
  • Dates: Always-On
  • Commitment Deadline: N/A

Promotions Opportunities:

We keep Florida top-of-mind with consumers in key feeder markets by providing custom Florida vacation packages as prizes in contests and sweepstakes on radio and television, in newspapers and magazines, online, and in major retail locations. The Promotions team works daily with top media outlets to negotiate the terms of each promotion and pitches opportunities to Partners to put together the vacation packages. Each promotion generates thousands of dollars of media exposure and hundreds of thousands of consumer impressions. The only cost to partners are the vacation package elements you commit to the promotion - like room nights, meals, amenities, and attraction tickets. Since we customize the vacation packages for each new contest or sweepstakes, opportunities are sent out as they arise. 

Isn't it time for your destination to be featured in the next Florida vacation giveaway? Just fill out the Promotion Opportunity Form to get started.

To learn more about how your business can participate in VISIT FLORIDA's promotions program, watch this short webinar recording.


Ticket Bank:

Exclusively for attractions Partners, our Promotions Ticket Bank program allows you to provide attraction tickets for inclusion in promotions without having to respond to promotional pitches. An attraction may offer a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 50 tickets to be used in consumer contests and sweepstakes. You will be notified when you are added to a promotion and, at the end of a promotion, you will receive a full recap of the exposure received.

You may send tickets or ticket vouchers with instructions on how to redeem.The tickets must have NO EXPIRATION DATE in order to qualify for the Ticket Bank program. We will add in the expiration date to match the rest of the travel package when the tickets are issued.

The Promotions team will use these tickets as components in trip giveaways in consumer contests and sweepstakes, qualifier prizes for on-air promotions, and giveaways at consumer and trade shows that VISIT FLORIDA attends. When your tickets are used, you will receive a full recap of the promotion, just as you would if you signed on after receiving one of our promotional opportunities by email.

Download the Promotions Ticket Bank form for more information.