Business Re-opening Tips

VISIT FLORIDA has compiled several best practices for the tourism industry to help guide their decision making process on re-opening. Please note that any specific questions regarding sanitation and public health should be directed to local health departments and/or the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.
For more information on Governor Ron DeSantis' Safe. Smart. Step-by-Step. Plan to Re-Open Florida, please visit

Safety First

Your business's commitment to clear and transparent communication of safety and cleanliness practices is what your employees and visitors desire. Feeling safe and knowing that organizations are taking the steps needed to protect their teams and guests is paramount for a comfortable re-opening. Some common safety practices for re-opening include:

  • Clearly communicating and demonstrating cleanliness/sanitizing procedures to employees and guests
  • Providing hand sanitizers and wipes
  • Enforced social distancing
  • Employee health screenings

Below are some helpful documents outlining recommended safety measures pertinent to specific business categories:

Follow the Best

Follow best-in-practice measures and communication from industry leaders.  



Rental Cars:

We will continue to update as more become available.

Embrace New Standards

With tourism businesses facing new norms for interactions and safety among teams and guests, embracing change together with a positive attitude can help ease the transition. Consider the following:

  • Holding frequent team meetings to align staff and solicit their feedback and concerns regarding safety measures
  • Communicate frequently with employees; have clear communication with guests.
  • Find unique, uplifting ways to implement new safety measures ie. Create branded team masks, use colorful tape or unique ways to demonstrate social distancing.
  • If you are in a work-from-home setting, utilize virtual technology to celebrate small wins along the way as a group. Use fun backgrounds for team calls.

Embracing a Safety Culture

Implementing Business Recovery Zones (Tampa pilot plan)

Tips for Remote Work

Focus on the Experience, Not Deals

To re-engage visitors, prioritize creating value-driven offerings, not discounts. Looking at similar economic crisis situations, businesses that focused on creating value instead of discounts fared much better in times following the crisis than their counterparts that focused exclusively on deals – where it quickly became a race to the bottom. Identify ways to create more value for the guest experience like:

  • Partnering with local businesses to create offerings to expand the visitor experience ie. bundle packages
  • Provide complimentary items or perks to the guest that provide value to them but cost little for your business
  • Create a loyalty program that incentivizes repeat visits