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Targeted Marketing Assistance and Grant Programs Update
February 2019

TMAP is a limited space program offering exclusive marketing benefits and resources to independently owned and operated businesses with gross revenues not exceeding $1.25 million or 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporations.

FY19-20 TMAP participants who are active Partners will have an opportunity to apply for the NEW TMAP Marketing Matching Grant with awards up to $5,000. Please note this new grant program has replaced the former CHRN (Cultural, Heritage, Rural and Nature Tourism) and Small Business Grants.

Read more on the TMAP and grant cycles and key dates or listen to the webinar.

Log-In & Learn: Skift Analyst Call: Global Travel Market Outlook
February 2019

Listen as Skift presents on the Global Travel Market Outlook. With many global markets showing healthy signs of growth and consumer and business confidence high, we expect the travel industry to benefit from a solid year of growth in 2019 and beyond. Discussion items include:

  • Global economic growth forecasts
  • U.S. consumer and corporate economic expectations
  • International economic trends for key regions and countries
  • Key focus items that could positively and negatively impact growth

Restricted to Marketing Partners.

Log-In & Learn: Search Engine Optimization - Maximize Your Online Presence
January 2019

*Due to the high volume of interest generated through this webinar, a repeat, live session will be offered again in March, 2019. Download the Webinar Presentation and/or the VISIT FLORIDA-SEO Playbook. Registration information will be emailed to Marketing Partners and Web Listing Affiliates soon.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the marketing practice dedicated to increasing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. This one-hour webinar, led by Beeby Clark+Meyler, our SEO partner, reviews how to optimize your websites and webpages on visitflorida.com to help increase exposure for your business. This session offers some best practices and real-world examples to give you a practical foundation, covering topics such as:

  • Understanding the value of Search
  • The overall principles of SEO
  • Best practice guidelines for content, meta data, and links
  • Real-life examples of optimized content vs. non-optimized content

VISIT FLORIDA 2019-2020 Grant Program Overview
January 2019
VISIT FLORIDA grants can assist your business with marketing the tourism advantages of the state to attract visitors. During this webinar, we will share:

  • Categories and eligibility criteria
  • Tips for completing the online application
  • Examples of awarded projects
  • Important dates for 2019-2020 applicants

Peruse our Grants Toolkit for useful information including an application video tutorial, logos and logo guidelines, forms, grant reimbursement and answers to frequently asked questions.

Skift Analyst Call - Repeat Visitation Survey, U.S. Travelers 2018
December 2018
An analyst call to review results of a Repeat Visitation Survey of U.S. Travelers 2018. Our discussion covered:

  • Profiles of repeat and non-repeat travelers
  • The behavior and habits of repeat travelers and how they change when returning to a destination
  • A comparison of repeat and non-repeat travelers’ travel attitudes and behaviors
  • How the number of destinations that repeat travelers have returned to, provides a more nuanced view of the members of this group.

Restricted to Marketing Partners.

Working with Tour Operators 101
November 2018
Have you wondered what the difference is between a tour operator and a travel agent? Are you curious to know how tour operators can benefit your business? Do you want to know how you can tap into this market and work with them? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this webinar is for you! Tune in as our International Sales Team dives-in and gives you insight into this important market, including how you can connect with them at Florida Huddle. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to connect and grow your group travel sales.

2018-19 VISIT FLORIDA/Madden Media Retargeting Display & Video Advertising Co‑op Programs
August 2018
After people visit the VISIT FLORIDA website, targeted banner ads containing strong calls-to-action can drive them to your site and encourage them to explore your destination. Listen-in as Madden Media reviews the 2018-19 retargeting co-op program and explains what's in it for your business. Learn about reaching travelers who have expressed interest in a trip to Florida through VISITFLORIDA.com. Restricted to Marketing Partners.

Destination Marketing - Emerging Trends and Technology Innovations, presented by Skift
June 2018
Listen in as we explore the technological innovations and emerging trends in content marketing and data analytics that are paving the way for numerous exciting opportunities for those working in the destination marketing space.

During this analyst call VISIT FLORIDA and Skift discuss what's new for destinations in 2018, the evolving role of DMOs, attracting return and repeat visitors and the major challenges we still face as an industry. You will also hear more about managing your brand, digital storytelling and emphasizing unique experiences.  Restricted to Marketing Partners.

Hurricane Preparedness Webinar 2018
June 2018
VISIT FLORIDA is prepared to act should threat of or actual severe weather impact our state. Should need arise, it's vital we work together as an industry in our response efforts. We encourage you to listen to this Hurricane Preparedness webinar. Discussions include:

  • Details on our latest pre- and post-storm action plans
  • Demonstration of the Expedia accommodations tool (replaces Emergency Accommodations Module)
  • Action items for your business

Also available on VISITFLORIDA.org are our Hurricane Information Crisis Preparations containing helpful FAQs, media relations tips and resources to help you stay prepared. These tools are a guide to appropriately and effectively communicating with key audiences in times of crisis. Thank you for listening and being prepared.

2018-19 VISIT FLORIDA Co-op Programs Overview
May 2018
Each year, VISIT FLORIDA negotiates new cooperative advertising, public relations, meetings & conventions, and travel trade opportunities for buy-in at rates Marketing Partners are not able to obtain on their own. Listen as VISIT FLORIDA and Miles Partnership review the 2018-19 co-op programs.

Megatrends Defining Travel in 2018, presented by Skift
March 2018
Learn about Megatrends Defining Travel in 2018 during this VISIT FLORIDA analyst conference call hosted by Skift. Every year, Skift's research team gathers to discuss the big-picture themes emerging in travel. This 2018 Megatrends report represents their largest annual editorial effort to date. Join us as we explore the top 5 megatrends that may relate to your brand.
Restricted to Marketing Partners.

Cyber Security Trends and Best Practices for 2018
February 2018
Cyber security refers to the prevention methods used to protect information from being stolen, compromised or attacked. During this webinar, you will learn: Why cyber security matters to your business; About costs associated with security breaches; Tips to improve your security immediately; How to manage risks associated with cyber security and social media.

Florida Vacation Auction: Benefits of Participation
February 2018
Florida Vacation Auction is on online consumer auction where individuals bid on and purchase great Florida travel packages. During this webinar you will learn how to participate as a travel provider and how participation could grow your exposure and business. Hear details on the benefits you can expect to receive and learn how participation could grow your online presence and marketing efforts, with no out of pocket expense.

U.S. Experiential Traveler Trends 2018, presented by Skift
January 2018
Join VISIT FLORIDA for an analyst conference call hosted by Skift. During the presentation, Skift discussed findings from the U.S. Experiential Traveler Trends 2018 report and presented detailed research into the mindset of the modern traveler. Experiential travel is more than just the hot new term; it's the thinking and behavior of current consumer travel wants. Learn about the mindset of the experiential traveler.
Restricted to Marketing Partners.

International Marketing Strategy
September 2017
Join VISIT FLORIDA's Director of International Marketing, Tim DeClaire, for a review of the 2017-18 International Marketing Strategy. The presentation features the goals, objectives and research insights of VISIT FLORIDA's $11 million global marketing strategy, of which Partners can take advantage for pennies on the dollar.

The presentation includes:

  • VISIT FLORIDA's "Coalition Tiered" approach allowing Partners to buy in to international advertising, trade and PR programs for as little as $900. Or, buy into marketing efforts for an entire region for as little as $80,000
  • Opportunities for small, medium and large Partners to reach audiences across the globe.
  • Benefits include: inclusion in airline, OTA and Tour Operator co-ops; booth space at key trade shows; earned media coverage in top publications; and consumer-facing advertising opportunities. 

The State of Destination Marketing in 2017, presented by Skift
August 2017
This analyst conference call was hosted by Skift, who discussed findings from The State of Destination Marketing in 2017 report. During the analyst call, Skift discussed funding and spend outlook for DMOs, shifting spend from offline to digital and vice-versa, digital advertising channels and competing in an increasingly noisy digital landscape. Restricted to Marketing Partners.

Social Media Marketing Tips & Best Practices
June 2017
Join VISIT FLORIDA's Social Media Manager, Stephen Kubiak, to learn about today's social media strategies, exposure & engagement. During this webinar, Stephen will present key insights on social media marketing including: general social media tips and best practices, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram strategies and how Marketing Partners can engage with visitors via VISIT FLORIDA's social media channels.
Restricted to Marketing Partners.

The Future of Meeting and Incentive Travel: Presented by Skift
March 2017
Join VISIT FLORIDA's Manager of Meetings & Travel Trade, Lily Etemadi, and Skift's Senior Editor, Greg Oats, as they discuss the future trends of meetings and incentive travel in Florida. Participants will learn about the contributing factors tying together the meetings industry and Florida's tourism landscape, including: The legacy impact of meetings beyond the impact of their visitor economy, why convergence is the new buzzword in 2017, how brands are evolving to engage new luxury consumer and how to leverage destinations to create richer event experiences.

Driving Repeat Visitation & Destination Loyalty: Presented by Skift
November 2016
VISIT FLORIDA and Skift recently completed a Destination Loyalty Study to better understand how Florida’s tourism sector can drive repeat visitation and destination loyalty. During this webinar, Skift shared findings from the Study, including answers to the questions: how does the tourism industry define destination loyalty, and what motivates travelers to return to Florida again and again? Participants will learn how tourism brands are thinking about customer loyalty, shifting toward a Consumer Lifetime Value model, driving loyalty through nostalgia, novelty and neighborhoods, and using data to segment and engage repeat visitors.
Restricted to Marketing Partners.

Log-in & Learn: Traveler Attribution Study, presented by Expedia
August 2016
When researching and booking travel, customers have multiple tools available at their fingertips. What are the reasons they choose one over the other? Join Adriana Pinto of Expedia as she shares insights gained from the Traveler Attribution Study. By taking a close look at patterns, this study provides marketers with a deeper understanding of multi-touch attribution road maps. Participate in this webinar and uncover new opportunities to reach target audiences and optimize user engagement during different planning stages. Restricted to Marketing Partners.

The Life Cycle of a Press Release
July 2016
Join VISIT FLORIDA's Public Relations team for a webinar to learn about the life cycle of a press release. During this webinar, we will discuss the art of storytelling and why it's important, the dos and don'ts when pitching to the media, the anatomy of a press release and tips for extending the life of a press release. Restricted to Marketing Partners.

How DMOs & Their Partners are Using Content to Define Brand Identity, presented by Skift
June 2016
During this webinar, you will learn about the rise of neighborhood/regional content focusing on travel experiences, why food and beverage is the leading hook in travel content, as well as the future of video, virtual/augmented reality and social media. Restricted to Marketing Partners.

Advertising Planning 101
April 2016
This webinar was designed specifically for Small Business Partners to learn how to plan and implement advertising programs. During this webinar, you will learn the basics of demographics, segmenting your audience, creative best practices, media planning and media buying best practices. Restricted to Marketing Partners.

Expedia: The Traveler's Path to Purchase
March 2016
Learn how to gain a competitive edge in reaching and influencing travelers. Join Adriana Pinto of Expedia, Inc. as she shares the best time to target consumers in the booking process and why you can't rely on your site alone to generate bookings. Restricted to Marketing Partners.

LGBT Research
February 2016
VISIT FLORIDA partnered with Community Marketing Insights, Inc. to study the trends and travel preferences of LGBT travelers. During this webinar, you will gain an understanding of how to connect with and welcome the LGBT traveler to Florida. Restricted to Marketing Partners.

TripAdvisor Online Reputation Management
February 2016
TripAdvisor is the world's largest travel site, with more than 200 million unbiased traveler reviews. During this webinar, TripAdvisor shares resources to optimize your business's presence, ways to efficiently make changes to your listing and tips to help you manage reviews and resolve issues. Restricted to Marketing Partners.

How to Turn Lookers Into Bookers
February 2015

Log-In & Learn about effective deal marketing. This webinar was presented by Stephen Backer, General Manager of Hotels for Travelzoo. During this webinar, you will learn how you can push a deal to your audience that will inspire incremental purchases and revenue. Restricted to Marketing Partners.

Destination Marketing: Influencing & Engaging Travelers
January 2015
Log-In & Learn how you can influence and engage travelers. During this webinar, you will gain an understanding of how your business can influence a traveler's destination choice, learn how to leverage social channels to engage with your audience, and see examples of how user generated content (UGC) can influence travel decisions. This webinar was hosted by Seth Forman, General Manager, Destinations for Travelzoo. Restricted to Marketing Partners.