Partner Logos

As a VISIT FLORIDA Partner, you are entitled and encouraged to use the VISIT FLORIDA Partner logo in your business consumer tourism marketing materials such as letterhead and print advertising. Please note usage does not include placement on products for promotion, retail sale or in conjuction with non-tourism marketing messaging. Only approved licensees are authorized to produce or sell VISIT FLORIDA branded products. The primary VISIT FLORIDA logo is reserved for exclusive use by VISIT FLORIDA only. 

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VISIT FLORIDA Partner Logo Usage Guidelines:
The VISIT FLORIDA Partner logo shown is the property of VISIT FLORIDA and must be used only in accordance with the following standards. This logo signature should not be redesigned in any manner.

  • Do not change the relationship of size, perspective, shape or configuration of this mark in any way.
  • Do not position the VISIT FLORIDA Partner logo on an angle or create a repeating pattern with the logo.
  • Do not use the VISIT FLORIDA Partner logo within text copy.
  • Do not add graphic elements to the logo.
  • Do not display logo smaller than 2 inches or 144 pixels wide at 72dpi.

This logo is restricted to use on web sites, print ads, literature, letterhead and promotional materials for the sole purpose of tourism marketing only. It may not be used on building signage, vehicles or any other application without advanced, written consent from VISIT FLORIDA. It may not be used in a non-tourism marketing context or communication. Determination that the logo has been improperly used shall be within the scale discretion and decision of VISIT FLORIDA. We reserve the right to revoke logo usage at any time. Non-compliance of guideline usage may result in cancellation of Partnership.