Regional Co-op Program

Regional Marketing Co-op Program

VISIT FLORIDA's Regional Marketing Co-op Program supports Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO), Tourist Development Councils (TDC), Collaborative Marketing organizations or government entities as they market their geographic region in a collaborative multi-county effort of Florida.

VISIT FLORIDA will review and score proposals based on certain criteria. Co-op funding level will be based on the total score of the proposal.

DMOs, TDCs, Collaborative Marketing organizations or government entities may apply for assistance in the execution their regional marketing campaign. All proposals must include a detailed media plan that promotes or markets a multi-county, geographic region of Florida. All marketing efforts must include the VISIT FLORIDA logo in compliance with the brand guidelines. The VISIT FLORIDA logo guidelines can be found here.

Scoring criteria will include the review of the marketing plan, funding sources, number of participants, target audience, timeline, cost, expected results and methodology for evaluating performance. To receive funding under this program you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Must be a VISIT FLORIDA Partner
  • Minimum 25% partner investment for RAO counties*, Minimum 50% investment for non-RAO counties
  • Must submit proposal including target audience, timeline, cost, expected results and methodology for evaluating performance.  Include detailed media plan
  • Campaign must target out-of-state markets only
  • Cannot include any current VISIT FLORIDA co-op program listed on the Marketing Planner
  • Applicable assets must include VISIT FLORIDA logo
  • Campaign must conclude by June 30, 2019
  • Funding is reimbursable upon receipt and review of program deliverables
    • All project costs must be paid in full. Copies of all third party invoices and proof of payment must accompany reimbursement invoice.
    • Program deliverables include copies of all advertising executed and reporting on campaign results.

*To view the list of Rural Areas of Opportunity (RAO) counties, please click here.

Proposal Submission

VISIT FLORIDA will only consider proposals submitted by a government entity, DMO, TDC or Collaborative Marketing organization. Proposals should be submitted using the Regional Co-op Marketing submission form. All proposals must list one point of contact to act as liaison with VISIT FLORIDA.

To submit a proposal for the Regional Marketing Co-op, click here.

Contractual Requirements

All approved proposals will require an executed contract between VISIT FLORIDA and the Florida entity that submitted the proposal.

For Additional Information, Please Contact:

Chris Smith, Senior Co-op Program Manager

2540 W. Executive Center Circle, Suite 200
Tallahassee, FL 32301