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Sailing Into the Wind: Why Data Budgets Have Never Been More Critical
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March 2021

Do you really need a data budget during a global pandemic?  As DMO budgets continue to be affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, data and research line items are often top of mind for the financial chopping block. Join Matt Clement from Madden Media as he discusses the merits, challenges, and risks of optimizing your approach to destination intelligence. Which information streams are mission critical? Why are they? Learn more about how leveraging lodging insights, economic revenue, and visitation data will take your tracking, learning, and reporting to the next level and enable you to easily communicate impact and ROI to key stakeholders.

Trends & Insights for Travel Industry Recovery presented by Expedia Media Group Solutions
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February 2021

As the travel industry continues toward recovery, the best way to navigate the path forward is by staying ahead of shifting consumer behaviors and trends. Join Derek Price with Expedia Group Media Solutions as he shares custom research from Expedia Group first party data. During this live webinar for VISIT FLORIDA Partners, we will explore the latest travel trends and key considerations shaping future travel decisions. Attendees will gain deeper knowledge into the changing mindsets and expectations of travelers and learn how to apply these actionable insights to inform their strategies and reconnect with travelers as they research, plan and book travel.

Capturing the Canadian Consumer: Insights into the Post-COVID Path to Purchase
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December 2020

This 30-minute webinar highlights how to plan for the return of Florida’s #1 international market – Canada! Based on new market research, you’ll learn how COVID-19 has impacted consumer purchasing decisions – from what types of travel experiences Canadians are dreaming of now, to where they are currently researching their vacation options, and how they plan to book their future trip. Walk away with insight into millennials, Gen Xers and Canada’s super affluent travelers, and knowledge on where to invest your limited marketing dollars to pique their interest.

Travelzoo Data Download: Florida Travel Outlook
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September 2020

Join us for a 30-minute live webinar presented by Lara Barlow, General Manager for Travelzoo U.S. The content will focus on new traveler sentiment data as well as current Florida travel preferences and booking trends.

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Latest Impacts of COVID-19 on Florida Vacation Rentals & Tourism Organizations
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July 2020

Key Data tracks the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in real-time to measure the impact of the current pandemic on Florida's short-term rental market. Join us for an interactive follow up webinar to look at the live trends Key Data is seeing in booking activity, occupancy and cancellations across the entire State of Florida. The webinar will include data broken down by different Florida regions, and will look at how far into the future cancellations are going and what types of properties are being impacted the most.

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VISIT FLORIDA Co-op Programs
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June 2020

Join us for a LIVE webinar as our team shares details about VISIT FLORIDA marketing programs that will be available soon. The webinar will feature:

  • A high-level overview of VISIT FLORIDA's recovery campaign approach;
  • Details on VISIT FLORIDA's free industry tools and paid co-op opportunities at a variety of price points; and
  • Year-round domestic co-ops including digital, print, social, welcome center, and research.

Programs will continually be added to the VISIT FLORIDA Online Marketing Planner. We look forward to sharing these programs and working together to ensure Florida's tourism industry can recover from COVID-19 as quickly as possible.

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COVID-19's Impact on Florida Vacation Rentals & Destination Marketing Organizations (Hosted by Key Data Dashboard and VISIT FLORIDA)
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April 2020

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Understanding the Short-Term Rental Landscape (Hosted by All the Rooms)
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February 2020

The Vacation Rental market in Florida is estimated to be worth more than $1 billion per year, with more than 6.5 million guests booking Short-Term Rentals rather than traditional lodging. As this space continues to grow, it’s important to understand what’s happening in your market.

Social Series - How to Make the Most of Your Social Media Partner Benefits
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January 2020

Join us as we discuss how to extend your reach to VISIT FLORIDA’s large social media audiences! From best practices for high-quality posts, to tips on getting more of your submissions featured on VISIT FLORIDA’s consumer-facing Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram channels, this webinar will help you maximize the social media benefits of your VISIT FLORIDA partnership.

Restricted to Marketing Partners.

How to Apply 2020 Marketing Trends & Co-Op Programs to Your Digital Marketing Strategy
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December 2019


Join us and TripAdvisor to learn more about the hot digital marketing trends for 2020, VISIT FLORIDA's digital co-op programs, and how to apply these digital solutions to your marketing plan and objectives.

Restricted to Marketing Partners.

Attract More Guests with New Accessible Travel Platform
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November 2019

Join VISIT FLORIDA and accessibleGO for an overview of the new and growing travel platform for people with disabilities, and learn how to use your hotel's accessibility to attract customers and improve guest satisfaction.

Social Series: Equipment for Social Media Production
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October 2019

Join us for a look at the equipment and techniques the VISIT FLORIDA Social Team uses for photo and video production - including an inside look at how we produce live videos with a portable kit. This live webinar will cover everything we use including phones, GoPros, tripods, audio solutions, large cameras and lenses for higher quality images, live streaming software and much more.

Restricted to Marketing Partners.

VISIT FLORIDA Brand Evolution Presentation
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October 2019

Visit Florida recently completed a brand evolution and launched a refreshed Florida Brand. Watch the presentation recording to learn key insights about the process, and view highlights from our new guidelines and creative.

Social Series: Using Digital Tools to Enhance Your Social Media Efforts
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September 2019

From creating quick original GIFs to managing a month's worth of content, join the VISIT FLORIDA social media team as they discuss digital tools to help enhance your social media efforts. We'll cover graphic design for non-graphic designers, content management and analysis, and automation options. This webinar is part of VISIT FLORIDA's new year-long social media webinar series.

Restricted to Marketing Partners.

Facebook: Make the Most of Paid Advertising
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August 2019

During this live webinar, Facebook will share best practices and real-world examples to give you a practical foundation of the platform.

VISIT FLORIDA 19-20 Marketing Plan Overview
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August 2019

Join VISIT FLORIDA's leadership team for an inside perspective on the 2019-20 Marketing Plan. During this webinar, we will share key insights about visitors to the state and discuss VISIT FLORIDA's approach to drive visitation this year.

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Log-In & Learn Webinar: VISIT FLORIDA's 2019-20 Co-op Programs Overview
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July 2019

Join us as we provide an overview of our 2019-2020 cooperative marketing programs. We will provide a snapshot for every category we offer:

  • Digital Always-on
  • Meetings & Conventions
  • Public Relations
  • Research  
  • Sanctioned Print & Digital
  • Travel Trade
  • Welcome Center

Learn how to plug-in, participate and increase your marketing exposure to consumers.

How Younger Generations are Shaping The Future of Travel
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June 2019

Expedia Group

This new, global research from Expedia Group Media Solutions illustrates there are real differences in what influences younger generations to book travel and extend business trips for leisure. Especially as Generation Z is becoming the largest generation in many markets, and quickly gaining financial independence and traveling for business, the opportunity to engage them is not to be overlooked.

Log-In & Learn: Skift Analyst Call - Destination Marketing Operations Benchmarks
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June 2019

Empowered by the explosion of data, destination marketing teams are on a mission to drive and transform business. Yet, more opportunities and promises mean more complexities. Join us as we talk about core questions.

This session is for those who manage channel and campaign processes and performance evaluation, select and manage technology partners, plan budgets, and coordinate inter- and cross-team communications. Listen-in as we discuss these topics and more:

  • Responsibilities and effectiveness of marketing operations in destination organizations
  • How destination marketing teams are structured and the effectiveness of each
  • Functions that report under marketing in destination organizations
  • How destination marketers set up marketing budgets and the effectiveness of each budgeting approach
  • How outperforming destination organizations stand out in key marketing operations areas

Restricted to Marketing Partners.

Log-In & Learn: Hurricane Preparedness 2019
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May 2019

VISIT FLORIDA is fully prepared to act before, during and after any crisis, including in the event of a weather threat; however, our response is at its best when we work together with our industry partners.

During this webinar, we will:

  • Share details on our latest pre- and post-storm action plans
  • Introduce the Expedia accommodations tool
  • Receive updates from the Florida Division of Emergency Management and the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity regarding their roles during a weather threat
  • Review action items for your business

We also encourage you to review the Hurricane Information within our Crisis Preparation section. It contains helpful FAQs, media relations tips and resources to help you stay prepared by appropriately and effectively communicating with key audiences in times of crisis.